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Reviewed by Javamite on Jan 19, 2023
Red jasper heart
Reviewed by Monica McCloud on Aug 14, 2018
Awesome customer service and artist. She’s hands on and asks questions then turns it into what you want. I LOVE LOVE EVERYTHING IM GETTING. I cannot wait to tell everyone I know about her!
Red Creek Jasper Earrings hand wired sand crystal filigree brass
Reviewed by Joyce Kunicki on Feb 23, 2018
Love the necklace! It just arrived and put it on. Looks great with what I'm wearing today! Thanks!!! Let me know when to send more. I have all the military pins ready to send for a necklace. You could probably make it something like this one. Thanks again! You are an amazing jewelry designer!!! Love your stuff!!!
Reviewed by amy on Jan 7, 2018
Meant to let you know that the package arrived safely last week. Thanks for wrapping them each so beautifully for the girls! Very sweet of you. I’ll work on getting them delivered and am trying to do so when I can actually see them so I can snap a picture for you. I will let you know how all turns out. Thank you again for this fun opportunity to reconnect and I look forward to shopping with you again and hopefully running into you at a fest again.